Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hobo Accused of Being Creepy, Hobo-like

Looks like Portland is stepping it up in the division of their police department that handles shit that doesn't really matter.

Police said they arrested a man on suspicion of leaving child pornography in a library bathroom and putting a hole in the divider between stalls in late July.

Sometimes, if I'm grocery shopping, I'll pick something up, then later put it on a shelf if I decide I no longer want it. Often it is not the correct shelf, but I didn't know you could get arrested for that shit! And what's a library doing with child pornography anyway? And at least specify if the hole was fer' spyin' or if it was for

Jonathan Jennings was in custody Tuesday accused of leaving child pornography in the men's room at the Tualatin Public Library on July 22.

Ok, kind of redundant, considering your last paragraph, but fine. Now he have his name, the exact date and the gender of the bathroom and which library he was in. Go on...

Police said they arrested the homeless man at the Tualatin Community Park after finding his fingerprints on the pornographic picture that a library worker found.

Oh! He's fucking homeless. No wonder he left his shit on the floor of a public bathroom. Where's he supposed to keep his kiddie porn, in his desk? Jaysus, kick a guy while he's down why don't you?

The worker also found a hole in a bathroom stall divider... Police said his fingerprints were also on child pornography that was found at the park earlier this month.
When he was arrested, police said they found a hole in the divider between stalls in the bathroom at the Tualatin Community Park that had previously been repaired had been reopened.

So, my guess for my earlier quandary about peepin' versus glory holin' looks like it's probably the former. So that's kind of fucked up. But at the same time, how big is this hole? I personally tend to notice if there's someone in the stall next to me when I enter one, so I think I would notice if said toilet neighbor were then staring at me through a hole in the stall. At which point I would then shoo him, the way one would a pigeon or squirrel. No harm, no foul.

Jennings was lodged at the Washington County Jail on charges of encouraging child sex abuse and criminal mischief. More charges could be brought against him as the investigation continues.

"Lodged" He was lodged at the jail. Sounds like a B & B! That's probably a step up from being homeless, no? Free roof over your head, free meals, sounds awesome compared to park benches and bathrooms. And it's not like pedophiles are treated differently in prison than someone in there for like, mail fraud. Right?

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