Monday, September 15, 2008

THIS JUST IN: Pennsylvanians are Generally Retarded.

Let's do a test. Fill in the blanks...

This is a...


And THIS is a...


This is a...Baby ___________________________

And THIS is a...Baby ________________________________

Finally...this is a...Cartoon ______________________________

And THIS is a...Cartoon _______________________________

If you're sitting at your computer wondering why I just showed you 6 pictures of cats...then I'm sitting at my computer wondering how the fuck you managed to access the internet. And you're probably a Pennsylvanian.

A Pennsylvania woman who thought she was petting a neighbor's cat got a smelly surprise when it turned out to be a skunk.

There just aren't words to describe this. Not real words, at least. Fucktarded sorta works. Schmeg-minded might too (just made that up, true story).

How in the three-toed CHRIST do you even manage to do this? "Oooh, Max looks a little...different today...ah well, c'mere kitty!!!"

Not only did the skunk spray the woman before dawn Monday, but it ran into her Mount Carmel home.

In all fairness, I've been to Mount Carmel...this may have actually improved the smell of the house...

Police spent hours at the home before leaving the scene, but there was no immediate word if they were able to remove the animal.

Officer McInbred: Welp ma'am, me and the boys are gonna go 'head and take off now...

Sueanne: Didja catchit?

Officer McInbred: Welp ma'am, that shore is the question, now ain't it?

Sueanne: MmmHmm...

Officer McInbred: MmmHmm...

Sueanne: Welp...didja?

Officer McInbred: Welp ma'am, see I just don't know...Ronnie over there shot sump'n in'ere, didn'tja Ronnie?

Ronnie: (spits cud affirmatively)

Officer McInbred: We just ain't shore if it were a skunk what got shot...coulda been a cat...get those two confused sometimes, tell y'the truth.

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  1. Awwww come on you can't judge the whole state on one dumb person. If we all worked along those lines, we'd have to say all Texans are dumb because of GW. Oh wait.