Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ev-weebody Knows I'm da best!

Wif de end of da season coming soon, da media wikes to give out toys to the bestest guys in da weague. And it's my tuwn to git it!! All of da guys awe saying I sould win da cyound awawd. Wook what Jon Jonovan wote:

The Giants are in the middle of what is euphemistically called a "rebuilding" phase. No one is more important to it than their 24-year-old baby-faced ace, who is making a convincing case for the NL's Cy Young award.

Lincecum, with just 51 career starts, leads the league in ERA (2.43) and strikeouts (210) and is second to the Mets' Johan Santana in quality starts (22 out of his 27 starts). He is also 15-3 on a team that is 19 games below .500. Nobody in the league who has won at least 12 games plays on a team with a worse record.

Cy Young winners from losing teams aren't as rare as you might think. Of the last 11 NL winners, two came from losing teams. In 1997, Montreal's Pedro Martinez (17-8, 1.90) won. And in 2006, Arizona's Brandon Webb -- the sinkerballer considered the front-runner for the NL Cy this year -- won with a 16-8 record and a 3.10 ERA. Webb is 19-6, with a 3.19 ERA, this season.

Wut Jon dinint menshun is dat I did it all befow I tuwned 8! Nobody ewse is frown da ball better dan me whos doesnint got birthdays on both hands fingers! I know suntimes I missed my naps and dinint fwow the bawl so good, but I is still da best in da weague! And I knows I dinint do so goods wast night, but dey made me pitch past my bedtime and I was sweepies! Wookit, I has a ice cweam cone!

Jus kinnin, dats a baseball gwove! Wait, what I is sayin? Oh wight. I fwow'd da baseball so good. Wook what Jayson Stawks writed! And him's Iown Man!
Papa says if I wins da awawd I's gunna get a puppys!!

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