Monday, September 8, 2008

Brent Cocklog's Cockblog: Dubb Fisties

Hi, everyone out there floating through the inter-space!!!:-)))) I'm Brent Cocklog!!!:-))) I know you already know this (unless you're ignorant!!!:-)))) but I'm a local news personality from The Herald-Palladium as well as on-the-street reporter for Channel 17 Action Local Realness News in St. Joseph, Michigan!!! :-(  ... j/k :-))))

Due to absolutely nothing aside from the fact that my last name's Cocklog (it's Greek, Translates to "penis log"), the young "gentlemen" here at the Gall-- the weird website they do, have asked me to impart a little wisdom here and there through a new segment called "Brent Cocklog's Cockblog," not to be confused with "Brent Cocklog's XXX Cockblog," which is also written by me, but it's actually a slash fiction blog from the perspective of my cock. 

Whether drinking,


or sexing,

double fisting always makes me feel a little awkward, like "maybe I really do have a problem."

But believe me when I say I'll do any of the three at the drop of a f*cking hat. Without blinking. I'm sooo f*cking serious. Try me. Literally. Next time you see me. F*cking ferrealzies.

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