Friday, September 26, 2008

Sir, You Can Bleed All You Want, You're NOT Getting out of this Ticket

So a 62-year old man was hit by a truck in Boise Idaho's "booming" downtown area this past Wednesday.

So you know he's in big trouble.

A man who was hit by a truck near the city's downtown was also slapped with a citation.
Now, I like adding insult to injury as much as the next guy (actually I think I like it significantly more than the next guy), but isn't this a bit ridiculous? Did they really need to punish a dude who just got runned the shit over by a truck with a ticket? What possible reason could

Boise police ticketed Ebrahim Balah, 62, for jaywalking shortly after the accident Wednesday.
Ah. I see. My guess: Ebrahim Balah looks like this:

Which, translated through the filters of unbridled ignorance that form a thick film over white people's brains in the Midwest, looks like this:
"Welp, it looks pretty much like it was God's plan for this guy to get hit by the truck. He was probably tryin' ta blow it up or something anyways. What? The truck driver stopped? Why? Tell him not to worry about it. Give'm a high fiver fer me. Fuckin muslins."

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