Monday, October 13, 2008

A Message from John McCain: Barack Obama Doesn't Care About Black People

TaHAAAAA all you pimps, playas, pushas, stickup kids and bucket mouthed ho's!!! It's yo future HNIC, John "Slap Dat Bitch Til Payday" McCizzle up in ya grill like some Johnsonville Brats!

So I'm just here at da crib, you know, sippin on some Dom (NOT Cristal, dat dude's a HATER) and keepin' it lit for big homey Marshawn, and bumpin to some cuts from Young Money (Carter II NOT Carter III like you bandwagon-ass dick ridin' muh-fuckas. Git some history n***a.), and I got to thinking: Barack Obama doesn't care about black people.

Now a lot of people are probably gonna claim dat I'm trippin' because some ig'nant ass bitches think Obama ahead of me in da pollz.


This is real talk. Fo years now, Black America hasn't had a true voice in our nation's politics. And now, finally after so much struggle, we got a candidate das gon' look out fo YO paper. And it AIN'T that cracker Obama. FUCK his pasty white ass!

Fo mo proof, here's a pic wit me and my BOY, Latino American Reagge-something rapping artist DADDY YANKEE!

And this is Obama in his last photo shoot for campaign posters:

Das some gay-ass shit, O-homo!!! OHHHHHHSHHHIIIITUSEEWUTIJUSDIDTHERE? NOW who's the black man?!?

(Ok, so I know Daddy Yankee isn't technically black, but he is Latino! Same difference, right?)

And I KNOW I ain't the first person done made THIS association:

amiright? c'mon amiright??? imright. He's like Steve Urkel, while I'M more Stefan Urquelle. In fact, that's a great way to sum up the fundamental difference between me and Senator Obama. HE'S more interested in creating some Flubber type material that's probably going to destroy something and really piss Carl off. I'M all about flossin' stylin' and tappin' Laura's ass.

So in conclusion: blah blah Hip Hop, blah blah Katrina, blah blah plight. Vote for me...PLEASE GOD vote for me!

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