Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zeke the Plumber Wants his Say

Hi. I'm Zeke the Plumber. You may remember me from my brief stint haunting Camp Anawana. Anyway, Last night's final presidential debate featured Joe the plumber pretty prominently. I'm on to you, Wurzelbacher. You don't speak for us undead zombie plumbers. When are they going to talk about our issues?

Why wasn't any candidate asked about his stance on murdering campers in the woods?

Why wasn't either candidate asked about touching people with plungers and haunting their dreams?

John McCain talks a lot about his time in a POW camp in Vietnam, but no one talks about the plight of the man who gets his nose bitten off by a parrot in the Philippines!

Sure you both want to cut taxes for the American families, but what about Ghost plumbers who haunt Camp grounds? What are you going to do for me?!

Wait... can I even vote?

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