Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Young Powelleezy Baby

Not PhotoShopped. I swear. Really. See?

To y'all out there, my name is Colin Powell,
Once upon a time I was wise as an Owl,
Then I got a new crew, and the shit turned foul,
Now I'm a puppet for Bush like his hand's up in m'bowels,

No WMD's, didn't know what to do,
Put dat money in my hand I'll say I saw dat shit too,
My rep was ruined, no one believed my words,
But at least now I live in the Connecticut suburbs!

So that's my flow, and the shit was whack,
But I knew how to rap...back when I was black,
Now I got mo dough than dat ho yo mama,
Excuse me, I gotta go secretly vote for Obama...

(Listen, I'm really, REALLY sorry to everyone who read this. I saw the picture and I had to. I's...I had to.)

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