Friday, November 7, 2008

Good, Because We Were All Wondering

We can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief today. Gigi is going to be just fine.

Last week, zookeepers reported that Gigi was having digestive problems. She was treated, but did not respond as well as the veterinary staff would have liked. The anesthesia was required so a more thorough examination, including a colonoscopy, could be done.

The 'during' photo

“We did not find anything abnormal. While the colonoscopy looked normal, we did take several biopsies. We expect to have the test results back within one to two weeks,” said Dr. Hayley Weston Murphy, Zoo New England Director of Veterinary Services.

So rest easy everyone. The gorilla you didn't even know was having GI problems is doing much better. I don't really have much to add here, I just couldn't believe a gorilla in a zoo getting a colonoscopy was fucking news.

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