Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Can't Arrest Me! I Just Had to Judge this Wine and this Vicodin!

Order in my court! Hey. Hey yous overrrrrrrrrrrrr there! hey! Lookit. I'mmmmmmmm Hey! What do we go here. You sirrrrr are an abomilation of this courts!

A former municipal court judge says he took Vicodin and drank wine before holding court in Bridgewater and Bound Brook.

Hey! Whaddare you talkin bout mister! I dinint do anysing. Get me anozzer wine lady. I mean. Order in this court! Don make me bang this gabbel. HAHAHA I counin bang a gabbel. Hahahaha bang.

Richard Sasso testified Monday during a hearing on judicial misconduct. He's facing censure and a permanent ban on holding a judgeship.

I object! You cand censure me! I thought censurship was fucking illegal! I know my fourth amendant rights! I judge that shit I'm facing to be totally lame ! Anddddddd I hereby sentence it to stop being a dick and shit. And excuse me judge reinholmes

But why don you shut the shit up.

Sasso resigned in January, citing health reasons.

Nuh uh! Then why am I here in court you fat fuck? Lookit mah robes bitch! Judge Judy all up in ya grillpiece cracker! Hahaha what am I saying! I'm talkin like those guys I prostitute harsher than people my color! Hahahaha. Health reasons shmealth reasons. You wanna know what newstory? I never liked you anyway. I just decided that wine and vicodin are better when you use them in comforts of you own hey whats are we talk bout now? Order in this court you.

In March, he was accused of being under the influence while on the bench and disorderly conduct at a Bound Brook go-go bar.

Why don you go-go fuck yourself. I was judging those ladies. Thaz my job you cock! And those girls were totally begging to know what was under my robes. Bang this gabbel ya whores! Anyway, I godda go take a piss. Case Dispissed! Hahaha cuz I have to piss. Cross examine this witpiss! I sentence me to go the toilet immediately! Hahahaha I'm off to make a depissition.

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