Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Madonna is Insufferable C*nt, PETA is Stupid

Ok, so I guess maybe neither of those two statements are really "groundbreaking," but the article was written by Courtney Hazlett. My Courtney Hazlett.
Shhhh, don't speak...just lay back and-- you did finish the drink I mixed you right? All of it? Goooooood...now shhhh...

Fuss over Madonna's stolen photos isn't over
The brouhaha surrounding the wedding photos [of Madonna and Guy "What the HELL was I thinking" Ritchie] — which were stolen from her Beverly Hills home by an interior decorator — might not be over.
Of course it's not over. Madonna, in her old age, seems to worry less and less about the public is seeing her true personality, and more about just staying in the news literally any way she can.

Every girl in the history of ever: Ew, shut up Berbalerbs! Why would Madonna need to do anything to be in the news?!? She's frickin' MADONNA!

Name Madonna's last legitimate hit.





Every girl in the history of ever: Um, she kissed Britney that one time on MTV...

That was 2003.




Every girl in the history of ever: Finish your stupid post.

So the basic storyline here, from what I can tell (Courtney's strong suit isn't writing, if you catch my drift...huh? HUH???) Madonna's interior decorator stole some wedding photos from Guy and Madonna's wedding (Sex. Is what I was referring to earlier. When I was talking about Courtney's strong suit.) and later sold them to publications, who...y'know...published them. Then Madonna was all "you can't print those!!" which was completely warranted and understandable.
OK! did print a retraction that reads...“The individual who supplied the photographs to us had no right to do so...photographs were not authorized for publication...OK! is trying to cut a deal with Madonna where she will never appear in the magazine again without approval.”
Ok. Sounds good. They admitted their mistake. They're going to give extremely generous preferential treatment to Madonna from now on. I'll bet you sources close to Madonna will say that this totally satisfied her.
A source close to Madonna says that won't satisfy her
Oh wait. That's right. Madonna's an insufferable cunt. How DARE they print 8 year old photos of an event that has since become a moot point!!!
"Madonna could take them for millions. In this economy, millions could be the difference between staying in circulation or not."
Well, at the very least, Madonna could be elimintating a few hundred jobs, and in this current economic boom we're experiencing this could help rectify the job surplus we currently have in the US.

Moving On,

PETA protests Britney Spears' 'Circus'

If you're wondering, when they refer to 'Circus' they are talking about her new song, not her life.
In the video for her new single "Circus," PETA claims Spears uses "cruelly trained lions and elephants even after PETA wrote to her and explained in graphic detail how trainers shock, whip, and beat exotic animals into performing."
To which Britney replied, "well how the hell do you think I learned the routines?!? Whips work. Period."
PETA is asking fans to contact Spears and demand that she stop blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
I understand what PETA's trying to do here, but they always come off as fucking psychopaths. Like, this is a pretty mild thing for them to do. Usually it's assaulting people or throwing blood on them or tackling models on the runways (because of course they're the masterminds behind the degradation of animals). Have you ever heard anything in the news about PETA accomplishing something? Or, like raising money or saving a whale or some shit? Really, think about that. I'm not saying they've never actually accomplished anything...it's just that they've never actually accomplished anything AND they're stupid.

And that's about it...Courtney follows up with an almost impossibly bland article given that the title is "Emma Watson will go naked," (spoiler alert: Courtney actually means "Emma Watson isn't opposed to going naked in a film, but not any time soon, and only for some random Italian director." So. Yeah. Not too exciting.) and then gives the most pathetic "Celebrity Sightings" list I've ever seen in my life (which I guess isn't a Herculean feat...I've seen like, 4 celeb sightings lists in my life).

The "celebrities:"
Tom Arnold (I shit you not, they started off the list with Tom fucking Arnold)
Illeana Douglas (um?)
Michael Rosenbaum (so apparently Illeana and Michael are on the show "Smallville," as it explains in the article. If you have to explain why someone is famous after their name...they're not famous.)
Rocco DiSpirito (chef who used to have a reality TV show)
Gerard Butler (and his plate of rock shrimp tempura) (that first parenthetical statement was from the article...as in Ms. Hazlett felt it necessary to the story that her readers knew what some dude who I've never heard of was eating...at some point in his life. Idunno, maybe the tempura was supposed to be the celebrity?)
Nick Cannon was spotted (sans wife Mariah Carey) (Woah WTF? When did this happen?!? Isn't Nick Cannon, like, 14 or something???)
Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef person, may or may not have won)
Former “Desperate Housewives” star Jesse Metcalfe (Former as in, left the show in 2007. Since then his resume includes the films Loaded and Insanitarium. You haven't heard of them either? Ok, good. Thought it was just me.)

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