Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Worst Protest Ever

Thought experiment time!

So let's say I live in one of about 70 apartments slated to be bulldozed to make way for new flats and houses. Let's say I'm the last person there. Everyone else has left peacefully, but I'm flat out fucking furious about the whole situation... When handed an eviction notice, which do you think is my best means for protesting this eviction I feel is unfair?

A) Write to Parliament (the "I" in this thought experiment is British) or whatever their local government is.

B) Refuse to leave house. Put boots on wheels of wheelchair (the "I" in this thought experiment is also disabled) and squat.

C) Hire someone to use dirty tricks to prevent the developers from being able to demolish the units. Sort of a reverse Dirty Work.

D) Cut off own head with chainsaw.

If you picked D, congratulations! You're fucking crazy! Or you're David Phyall, in which case, you're already dead.

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  1. while at the imdb page for Dirty Work, I checked out the trivia section, and found this gem: On co-star Artie Lange's stand-up comedy DVD, "It's The Whiskey Talkin'," an audience member asks him to sign his copy of Dirty Work, he does so and then gives the fan ten dollars, saying "you don't see Ben Affleck doing that for 'Gigli'!" Lange then mentions that the review in his home town paper, The Star Ledger, said that he "had all the charm of a date rapist," to which MacDonald replied (in a sincere attempt to cheer him up) "that's a lot better than saying you look like a regular rapist!"