Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Kids First Mets Game

Last baseball season, my kid was too young to really want to take her to a Mets game. It would have been more of a hassle than it was worth, and besides, trying to convince a vendor to give an 8 month old an Endy Chavez Bobble-Head seemed like a tough sell.

I believe I have to make a serious effort to take her this season. She's old enough to enjoy it, I think. It is also the last year Shea Stadium will be up. I want her to be able to see a picture of herself at Shea Stadium, so that when I tell her what a shit hole it was, she'll see and know she'd been there. Also, it will be way easier to get whatever toy they are giving away with her being this age instead of super tiny.

The question then becomes: Which game do I take her to?
Unfortunately, the team's site doesn't have the promotional dates listed yet, so it's impossible to say just yet. This, however, allows me to speculate just what they might give away this season.

Now, she still owes me since she broke my David Wright Bobble-head, but I'm willing to forgive her if there is an awesome promotion being given away. Acceptable toys include: David Wright bobble bare handed catch, vintage Ty Wigginton bobble head doll, Pedro Martinez bobble cock fight, Carlos Delgado bobble contract year HGH syringe, Mike Pelfrey bobble mouth guard, Louis Castillo bobble knee replacement, Mrs. Met Fleshlight.

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