Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Evidence of Clemens at Party. Ruh.Roh.

An intelligent discussion about what this means to the Roger Clemens Steroids Scandal:

Killian: wow
Pemulis: oopsy!
Killian: that would be awesome if they published that photo
Pemulis: i know
Pemulis: especially if it was of clemens naked
Pemulis: what?
Pemulis: clemens making
Pemulis: a smoothie or something
Pemulis: not naked
Killian: hahahah
Killian: or if Canseco is actually shooting him up in the pic with Mcnamee giving the thumbs up
Pemulis: or he has a syringe attached to his dick with a complex contraption, so he's fucking him in the ass and injecting him with steroids with each thrust
Pemulis: like that scene from 7, except a little less sexy
Killian: like a sexy version of that scene in se7en [note: these were simultaneous]
Pemulis: yikes.
Pemulis: we're both so insanely not well - but at least we're on the same wavelength of not-goodness
Killian: you really think that's the picture?
Pemulis: why wouldnt it be?
Pemulis: It's every 11 year olds dream to watch something like that
Pemulis: I'm sure they wanted to make his dream come true
Pemulis: MacNamee all the while is shouting in his long island accent weird island non-sequitors
Pemulis: like "Hofstra pride! I'm Joey Boafucco! Billy Joel ova hea!"
Killian: it is what it is
Pemulis: when they ask him about the picture, thats exactly what he'll say

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