Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Music Beej: Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay is a Brazilian born musical genuis who was a seminal part of the No Wave movement in the 80's (as part of the band DNA). He then infused Brazilian samba and bossanova pop music into his noise rock and created some albums unlike anything I'd ever heard previously. My very most super favorite thing about him, though, is that he looks like a computer geek.

That's a man who in the mid 80's helped promulgate a scene where guys went on stage and hit their instruments with hammers just to fuck shit up - and forget about tuning those instruments, that shit is for pussies. This contemporary of awesome bands like Sonic Youth and Captain Beefheart has released a number of solo albums. There are three in a row which, I think, perfectly sum up the combination of noise and pop and Brazilia he was trying to accomplish. I highly reccomend any of them: Noon Chill, Prize, or Invoke.

As one might guess, videos online of this fellow are slim pickin's (or so my five second youtube search would have me believe). Anyway, this is a good song - though I'm not sure what it's from.

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