Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Music Beej: John Vanderslice

This Wednesday edition of the Music Beej is in part because I'm not as in love with John Vanderslice as I am with the other winners of this prestigious award. You see, there are really only two albums of Vanderslice's that totally blew me... away. 2004's Cellar Door and 2005's Pixel Revolt are both really, really fucking good. His newest one I only listened to once, and it seemed kind of same-y. Like he peaked with the two I mentioned and has since kind of leveled off. Not the worst thing in the world to happen, I just thought Emerald City was a little too boring to bear repeat listens.

Anywho, Vanderslice tells stories in the first person, much in the same way that John Darnielle or Bill Callahan does. These persona's are usually involved in shady business, drugs, or part of an incredibly fucked up family.

First up is a video for They Won't Let Me Run, from Cellar Door. I don't know who made it, but whomever did has way too much free time. It's like cartoon Legos, which reminds me of this cop game I had for my first computer way the hell back when. Shit, if I don't remember the name of that game, I may go insane. Whatever, here's the video, jerk.

And here's a video for When it Hits My Blood, which some pleasant youtuber has set to scenes from Requiem for a Dream. Thanks guy. Now I can associate this song with Jennifer Connely vomiting.

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