Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday Music Beej: The National

Yea, I know.  But better late than never, as a feller says.  Anyway, this week's music beej goes to The National.  My biggest problem with a lot of the music I thoroughly enjoy is that several of the bands are from Brooklyn, and can be seen in and around Williamsburgh fairly often.  I cannot walk down Bedford Avenue without imaging murdering every single person I see.  Yes, hipsters, you are ruining everything.  But either way, there is a lot of good music coming from that area, and The National are no exception.

Anyway, The National have release four albums, but the most recent three, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, Alligator, and Boxer are leaps and bounds better than their self-titled debut, and each one is excellent in its own way.  Sad Songs is the most direct - lyrically speaking - and it has some incredible lyrics for being as blunt as they are.  On the album opener Cardinal Song, singer Matt Berninger suggests: "Let her treat you like a criminal/so you can treat her like a priest/girls forgive my human mind/girls forgive me one more time.  Never tell the one you love that you do/save it for the deathbed/ when you know you've kept her wanting you"

Alligator may have been my favorite album of 2005, with standout tracks like Secret Meeting and the insanely awesome rocking closer, Mr. November.  A number of people aren't quite thrilled with his voice, but I think his baritone delivery fits perfectly over the lush guitar lines and the more fleshed out sounds Alligator brought to the table.  It's an album that bears repeat listens and I find new bits and turns of phrase each time that make me appreciate it more and more.

Alright, enough with the jibber-jabber.  You listen and you see for yourself.

Mistaken for Strangers from Boxer

Mr. November from Alligator

Lucky You from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

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