Monday, February 4, 2008

Donkey Nips: Or, Where Are They Now - Salute Your Shorts! Edition

I actually didn't see this commercial during last nights' game, and that might be for the better, because I would have freak out. It's a commercial for Amped Energy Drink, and the premise is a simple one, and it is as follows: Donkey Lips jump starts a car by clamping those metal dealies to his nipples and drinking an Amped Energy Drink, and then dancing. That's it. That's the whole

Now, Donkey Lips, aka Michael Bowers, played an important part on Salute Your Shorts. He was Otis to Budnick's Lex Luthor, helping to take part in his genius friends schemes, fucking up the plan, being fat, etc.

Some interesting facts from his wikipedia page:
Bower is a former practicing member of Scientology.
Recently, he was a
He has also appeared as a contestant on
Singled Out. (I wonder how he did).
The rap thing I actually remember and swore he had a myspace page with some of the rap songs on it. All of them were amazing, and I'm pissed I can't find any of the songs now.

EDIT: turns out the page is actually gone. Now I'm fucking depressed.

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