Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wednesday Unsung Hero Award

When the Legendary Luau Brothers were in their most desperate time of need, when they had been twice previously thwarted by the vicious Volcano sisters in their (the brothers) attempt to pacify the sisters and prevent an eruption, who came to the rescue?

That's right. Austin. Your unsung hero of the week. He may be new on the block, but according to polls he was voted second favorite Backyardigan only behind Pablo, the OG original gangsta.

He knew that all Tasha and Uniqua really wanted was to be invited to the Luau, not some fancy stone or some fancy pearl, but he kept quiet until both Pablo and Tyrone had failed with their attempts at appeasement. Was this because he's shy? Because he's the new guy, afraid to take a stand?

No. It is because Austin, our hero, is a complete asshole. He uses his false timidness (bear in mind they refer to themselves as: Tyrone the Strong, Pablo the Swift, and "Just" Austin) in The Legend of the Volcano Sisters to allow his friends to fail, while he all along knew that flowers and a couple of nice words to the ladies would win their hearts. Then, when the situation is most dire, Austin comes through and looks like a hero, and a smooth motherfuckin ladies' man.

Austin appears in the fewest of the episodes of any of the characters, and I think it's because he's a schadenfreude lovin asshole who might just be the ultimate badass.

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