Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Music/Death Beej: Heath Ledger Edition

I mentioned earlier in the day to a friend that the possible accidental overdose that may have caused Heath Ledger's death was eerily similar to that of one of my very favorite musicians, Nick Drake. This sentiment was made even weirder when I found this article on pitchfork, which mentions Ledger's love of Nick Drake and how he had hoped to portray him someday. Depressing, to be sure. Drake's final album, Pink Moon is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and sad albums I've ever heard, and every song on it is as dark or darker than anything else I've ever heard, and that includes "Holocaust" by Big Star.

I'm posting about Ledger mainly to point out how awesome I am for making the Ledger/Nick Drake connection before anyone else (in the world!). But also because for the past several months, all of us (Ziller, Killian, and myself) have had raging mega-huge nerd boners created by previews and hype for The Dark Knight. Ledger looks like he is (was?) going to be ridiculously awesome as the Joker in this movie. Full disclosure: My first thoughts when I heard he died yesterday were, "This shit better not fuck up The Dark Knight or any subsequent sequels they had planned!" Alright? there, I'm a bad person. I knew that already anyway, fuckface.

Anyway, in honor of both of these beej worthy dead fellers, here's the trailer for The Dark Knight, and Things Behind the Sun, by Nick Drake. And feel free to not watch the video for Nick Drake, the song is amazing but that's the only video of it I could find and from the five seconds of it that I watched, it seemed pretty fucking dumb. Also if you're a reader, Nick Drake's biography is an excellent book.

And Things Behind the Sun:

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  1. Heath Ledger as the joker definitely gave me a wicked nerd boner. It was starting to get a little worrisome that I was getting turned on by an evil clown.