Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Music Beej: Destroyer

Destroyer is the solo vehicle of Dan Bejar, whom you might better know as a member of the New Pornographers... While I am a pretty big fan of the Pornos, I always finding myself wishing every song on it were more like the ones that Bejar writes and sings... which then makes me realize there are 8 Destroyer albums I could be listening to. My personal favorite has to be Your Blues. Bejar's style is a weird mix of electric folk and wry humour in his observations that make listening to the lyrics part of the fun. With Your Blues he made a leap into some new territory, with the album being really heavy on the synths. It's at once grandiose while remaining fun and easy. He then did an EP of songs from Your Blues with Frog Eyes as his backing band, which should have been way more awesome than it was. His follow up album Rubies did a nice job of kind of intergrating the synth styles of Your Blues with the folksy elements of his previous work - He has a new one called Trouble in Dreams out in March, and just thinking about it gives me a boner.. And since I'm not nearly as eloquent as I'd like to be describing music (Most of the reviews I give my friends sound like this, "It's awesome, trust me. You'll love it! If you don't it's because you're a fucking shitfuck"), I'll leave off here with a video - the song is An Actor's Revenge

Also, if you dig Destroyer (already did or do now), I highly recommend checking out Danielson.

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