Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Writers' Strike: An Intelligent Discussion

Being pretty serious television watchers throughout our respective lives, Princess and I have been somewhat reeling since the WGA writers' strike started. No new 24, the Office, etc. etc. When NBC started with this new generation of American Gladiators, we had a discussion as to what other game shows should be remade for these times. what follows is said discussion:

pemulis: what other old shit should they ressurect?
princess: STUDS
pemulis: do you remember that show where they had like, cool new toys and inventions, and at the end there was like, a graveyard segment with shitty toys?
pemulis: studs is a definite - who should host?
princess: yes! I don't remember the name
pemulis: me either. but fuck did i love that show
pemulis: there was also this game show i watched when i was little - Couch Potatoes
princess: I remember that
princess: who hosts studs?
pemulis: they should also, i think, televise more board game matches. i would probably watch people play balderdash
pemulis: i say bring back chris hardwick from singled out
pemulis: you know hes available
princess: hahahah Mark DiCarlo - wasn't he the original host?
pemulis: i hope you looked that up, because if you knew that off the top of your head i'll be upset
pemulis: and a little jealous
princess: I knew it...that's really pathetic
princess: and sad
pemulis: they should do a grown up and more dangerous version of Legends of the Hidden Temple
princess: hahahaha - or a land of the lost but with real dinosaurs
pemulis: oh shit, yea. all you need is some amber with mosquitoes in it
pemulis: and jeff goldblum could be in it
princess: I'd watch
pemulis: sorry - it always comes back to jurassic park. anyway. they should do something to jazz up family fued and start that up again
pemulis: maybe have ray combs come back as host
princess: come back as g-Host
pemulis: i chuckled harder than that joke probably deserved
princess: that's fucked up
princess: poor Ray Combs
princess: or have Richard Dawson come back but as Killian from the Running Man and make it about death
pemulis: hanging yourself is a fucked up way to go. you must really want out if thats how you do it
pemulis: like, survery says "DEATH BY PUBLIC EXECUTION!"
princess: then the audience stones you
pemulis: and every heads up question is something to the effect of "We asked a hundred people how you are going to die, what was the number one answer?"
pemulis: and its always death by audience stoning
princess: hahahaha
pemulis: WHOA
pemulis: so i wikipedia'd studs
pemulis: 1) you were right about MarkDeCarlo
princess: is it coming back? hahaha
pemulis: 2) remember how i suggested Chris Hardwick?
pemulis: "Actor/comedian Chris Hardwick was "discovered" by a producer when he made a hilarious appearance as a contestant on the show."
princess: GET THE FUCK OUT!
princess: hahahahaha
pemulis: i'm scared and just peed a little
pemulis: he looks like paul reisers gay older brother
princess: mad about jews
pemulis: i'd hit it
pemulis: thats another show i hated
pemulis: speaking of television
pemulis: i think its because 1) paul reiser sucks
pemulis: and 2) in my formative years i could never figure out whether or not i thought helen hunt was attractive or gross
princess: I fucking hate Helen Hunt too
pemulis: i eventually settled on gross, thanks mainly to realizing i was gay

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  1. killian wasn't yet set up, but Princess = Killian... though now i'm not sure i'll cease referring to him as princess..