Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Darts: Fun as Hell but Damned if I Know Why

One of the Christmas presents I received this year was a nice Dart Board. I just recently put it up in the basement, and find myself wanting to play darts a lot. I have yet to figure out why. 501 is a pretty fun game, in fact, it's the only dart game I know how to play (besides of course, throw all the darts at the board and see how close you can get to the bulls eye!). Anyway, I find myself confused by my enjoyment of even being alone in my basement throwing darts at the board.. It's as if the act of throwing little javelins itself is the fun part, and whenever I'm finished throwing all six there is this twinge of disappointment like "that was it? really?" I'm sure if I had people over it would be a different (I haven't had people over since the dartboard went up).

I'd also like to interject that because of a disease prominent mostly in old ladies , I have four operations on my dominant wrist, and throwing darts is not entirely comfortable (nor are most thing, including typing this). So as I'm sitting there throwing darts and whispering "Wheeee!" to myself like a child on a roller coaster, there is also that hint of pain that lets me know I'm really earning whatever it is I'm accomplishing.

Now, on the reverse side of the dart board is a baseball game that looks similar to this:

I have no idea how this game is played. I really want to know, but am too lazy to even read the piece of paper that came with the dartboard explaining all the rules to all the games. When I have company maybe this will change, but for the time being I'm content to toss darts willy nilly trying to load the bases and hit a grand slam with total disregard for balls, strikes, and outs. I think part of my hesitance about finding out the real rules of the game is that it will suck, be boring, or worse, that I will suck at it (which will be true regardless).

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

Do you want to come over and play darts with me?

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