Friday, June 13, 2008

Fridays are for Music: Frog Eyes!

Frog Eyes is a tough band to describe. They're insanely energetic and make me want to rock the fuck out, which is a feeling I get very infrequently since becoming an old man.'s brief bio:

Victoria, British Columbia, quartet Frog Eyes are the antithesis of their quiet Canadian village. Utilizing the carnival atmosphere of
Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits, the frenetic energy of vintage Cramps, and the diabolical scheming of pre-Murder Ballads Nick Cave, the post-punk collective created an atmosphere of psychedelic unease with their 2002 full-length debut, The Bloody Hand. Lead singer Carey Mercer, who mined similar territories in his previous group, Blue Pine, leads the indie rock ensemble, which also includes Melanie Campbell, Grayson Walker, and Michael Rak. In 2003, after the critical success of Hand, the group released the enigmatic Golden River on the Animal World label, resulting in another flurry of raves and a newly minted fan base. They signed to Absolutely Kosher the following year and released their strongest record to date, the volatile and charismatic Folded Palm, as well as the lo-fi acoustic EP Ego Scriptor. 2006 saw the release of Bloody Hand, again on Absolutely Kosher, followed by Tears of the Valedictorian in 2007.

Golden River and The Folded Palm are both absolutely amazing albums that I could listen to on repeat for some time. Here are a couple of videos I could find - I can't really vouch for the videos, the first one is for sure some fan made video, the second one I have no idea, but the songs are still awesome.

Masticated Outboard Motors from The Golden River

The Akhian Press from The Folded Palm

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