Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's-a-Me! Giambio! I'm-a-go-na-win!

The scene is Yankee Stadium. There is a game going on. A-rod has just struck out, and we look to home plate to see:

Giambio! I'm-a go-na ween! Now, you might-a have-a noticed a-little bit-a of difference ina that last-a few weeks. Since-a my moustachio's-a grown-a in, I've-a completed my-a transformationo! I'm-a go-na hit-a they ball-a to the short-a porch and then I'm-a go-na steal-a your gold coins! No one of-a your world can stop-a the Giambio! No one!! Mwaahahahahahahahaha...

Hey, Giambio, not-a so fast-a eh? I'm-a go-na stopp-a your reign-a of terror

Giambio: Oh-a no! I thought-a i recognized-a you! Giambio should-a have known better, even-a though you-a shave your moustachio!

Luigiada: It's-a I! Luigiada! And I'm-a go-na ween! I-a even rode here to defeat-a you on Yoshi!

[they gallop from the dugout to home plate to face off against Giambio. Until...]

Yoshi!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Luigiada: Yoshi! I-a shall avenge-a your death-a by destroying Giambio in-a de contest of-a de home runs!

Giambio: I'm-a nomber juan!

[a fast and furious home run derby ensues, with both parties hitting meatballs into the Yankee dugout until...a figure emerges from the bullpen...]


Giambio and Luigiada (together): JOBOWSA!

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