Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movies that are Always Watchable

There are certain movies that, regardless of whether or not you own them, you can and will always watch when you see it on television. Originally I was going to make a list, and write a little bit about why each movie is so awesome. The list grew out of control and got so long so fast that I am settling for just straight out listing them, with the occasional blurb.

the empire strikes back
return of the jedi
Jedi I really only tune in for the first half, with the sail barge and that fight scene, so I debated taking it off, but whatever. I left off the first one off because while decent, it doesn't really hold up to constant repeat viewings that empire does.

batman begins
easily the best comic book movie I've seen. Spiderman 1 and 2 and X-Men 1 and 2 could also be lumped in here, but I guess my first thought was batman begins because it's on a shitload and I always watch it.

the princess bride
alright, maybe a little gay, but andre the giant steals every scene he's in and mandy patankin is a genius! I always thought this movie would catapult Carey Elewes to like, super hunk status. I don't know why that never panned out.

galaxy quest
Even David Mamet acknowledged that this movie is perfect. It doesn't try to do to much, but works just right for what it is. And Tony Shaloub is amazing. Also the only thing Tim Allen has ever done right.

i, robot
independence day
men in black
Will Smith being over-the-top ridiculous really works best in these three movies.

boiler room
You could include Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross with this one since BR is kind of an ripoff of both. But I feel that boiler room, while far inferior to either one, is way more hilarious and I'm not sure that it's on purpose.

bull durham
It's got everything a movie should have: baseball, sex, and kevin costner.

jurassic park
Jeff Goldblum at his hunkiest, every line he has is gold. One of the best movies ever... hold on to your butts.

major league
This is almost like the anti-bull durham. If you thought bull durham had too much chick-flicky stuff in it, this is the baseball movie for you. Featuring Carlos Delgado as President Pedro Cerrano Palmer

to come later or maybe not:

pee wee's big adventure
die hard

just friends
groundhog day
indiana jones (any)
back to the future (any)

big trouble in little china
escape from new york
trading places

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