Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beirut Tuesdays

Beirut (Zach Condon) is only like, 19 years old, so it's at once easy to forgive the kind of goofy and dumb lyrics of his songs, while at the same time hate him for his success in the music industry at age 19. Anyway, I thought his first album, The Gulag Okestar, was kind of annoying, especially vocally - he seemed to have the right idea musically, but he would just mumble and gurgle through the songs. It's like he knew his lyrics were kind of dumb so he opted to make them inaudible. This was a noble but misguided effort. Last year's The Flying Cub Cup somehow honed his the potential shown on the first album and is truly awesome. Here are a couple of videos, notable guest appearance from Grizzly Bear in the first one.

Cliquot from T
he Flying Club Cup

Nantes from The Flying Cub Cup

The Penalty from The Flying Club Cup

I'd also like to point out that I'm kind of ambivalent about these hipster-y videos.

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