Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You're Breaking My Heart

So apparently he lied a little about his resume. Not actually a knight? Hey, neither am I. Didn't actually serve the president food? Well, who cares. Normally I would probably be a little more upset, but it's kind of like, he's already proven himself, so what difference does it make? Have you ever seen Dinner: Impossible? It's amazing. I dare Sir Lancelot or Sir Elton John to try doing that shit. Saucy, rude, vile little pig. Didn't think so. Oh, I'm sorry, didn't realize that I can't serve 500 people with no ovens unless I meant it when I said I worked on Princess Di's wedding cake. Oh, what's that? I just did?

There's also accusations that he's kind of a dick. I mean, dude is a jacked Brit who's whole show is him yelling at people to get shit done. How does the idea that he may be a prick surprise anyone? Here's my favorite bit from the article:

"At Salt Rock Grill in Indian Rocks, Irvine ordered oysters and asked for a mignonette sauce. When the waiter couldn't produce it, Irvine ordered the ingredients brought to the table, and prepared the sauce himself. "

Guess what, that is fucking.bad.assed. I don't care who you are, that is serious mother-humping pwnage.

Also, he seems to have been vouched for by everyone else on the Food Network on various shows. He did Iron Chef America where he and Tyler Florence faced off against Paula Deen and Giada. And Guy Fieri came on his show and did a competition with him. He never seemed like anything but a 'roided up gentleman.

Ok, here's where I put on my best gay face, start bawling, get on my bed, and shout "LEAVE ROBERT IRVINE ALONE!!!!"
Also, why does this all seem so familiar? Hmmmm.....

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