Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I don't see the problem

So this site called is being investigated. Apparently,"there's an unbelievable amount of offensive material posted and absolutely no enforcement," said Milgram, noting insults about students' appearance, race and sexual history as "just the tip of the iceberg."

Now, I'm all for this site. I think it's hilarious. Yes I think it's kind of awful, and sure, all the shit with like, anti-semitism is insane, but people are idiots and that shit's bound to happen in an anonymous forum, I guess. But here's the thing: I'm out of college. This doesn't affect me one way or the other. Were I still in college, this site would have to have been the worst thing in the whole world. I went to a school with a small campus where everyone was in everyone else's business to begin with, this site would almost certainly have lead to the suicide of many people I knew.

I am imagining how different my life would be, were I to be half drunk and talking to a girl in a bar, only to introduce myself and have her respond by saying that she read in a thread on juicycampus that I hooked up with some girl and promised to call her and never did or like, "Oh you bought so and so a drink and she woke up two days later in a ditch missing 3 teeth, a finger and she also was no longer wearing pants" or something. Life could have been terrible.

To be fair, I am an amazing, stand up guy and would never have had a problem like this, because any threads about me would have read like "Could he be any hunkier/sweeter/kinder/more amazing with animals/sexier/etc." To which all the replies would be fawning ladies pining for my love. But I have some friends who would have been totally screwed.

But, since we missed this evil trolley entirely, I say: more power to this site. I want more unsubstantiated rumours about peoples' promiscuity and STD's. Hell, I'm tempted to log on and start shit myself.

"Like anything that is even remotely controversial, there are always people who demand censorship," he told The Associated Press last month. "However, we believe that JuicyCampus can have a really positive impact on college campuses, as a place for both entertainment and free expression."

I mean, what's more entertaining and at the same time positive for your school's campus then spreading rumours about people? And I mean that. People have a right to know that if they sleep with Claire they're going to get crabs. Where were you 5 year ago, juicycampus? Where were you then? At my hour of most desperate need?

huh? what? Oh, hi. I gotta go.


  1. If someone has a problem with others anonymously posting nasty shit about them in the internet where everyone can read it then maybe they shouldn't have fucked that girl's boyfriend.

    ... I'm just saying

  2. I personally am shocked, mostly because Lil' Mikey and I came up with that idea years ago. He was convinced we would become embroiled in these EXACT SAME legal issues, though, and decided we ought not to pursue the venture. Since I didn't care, we didn't do anything, and thus failed to reap all these fabulous rewards.