Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Not Often I Find Myself Rooting for the Guy With the Laser Pointer

So if there's nothing you enjoy more than watching millionaires dressed up like space cats acting like huge babies, you're in luck:

Seriously, like anyone needed another reason to hate KISS. Also, if you're a rocker who hates laser pointers with this kind of passion, shouldn't you have a better repertoire of insults to hurl crowd-ward than things like, "Just because you can shave you're still a baby" and "Put that laser in your pocket or I'll put it in your ass"? How about something fun like "Hey! My doctor says I can't get laser in my eye! Be careful!" Or like, "Hey, you look pretty young, the whole band has probably had sex with your mother."


  1. my favorite thing about this is when they all join together center stage to have a quick huddle about who they think the laser pointer guy is. it looks like they're posing for a t-shirt, when in reality it's just 4 jewish dudes all "oh moi gawd, i can't have eye soigery, it's too expensive!! foind him!!"

    Best textual representation of a Jewish accent ever?

    Best textual representation of a Jewish accent ever.

  2. i think it would be "oy soigoiwy" but otherwise spot on.