Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometimes The Fact That Things Are Actually Things Blows My Mind

What you are about to see is a real ad. It is for a real product, that is really for sale. I recommend watching in its entirety, as it gets better with each passing second. Please remember that this is real... Seriously.

Did you watch that? Good. Now let's all spend a minute or so collectively banging our heads against our desks to try and unremember what we've just seen.


No luck? Me either. Anyway, now that you know it's impossible to unsee that video, please understand a few key details.

1. That dad is so awesome that he only needed one take to come up with that glow in the dark towel jingle.

2. Who the fuck would ever need a glow in the dark towel?! Do you know anyone who showers in the dark?

3. That dad has no shame about stealing his daughters laptop and then using it in very public places despite the unicorn stickers or whatever those are on the back of it. Good for him.

4. If you're in a band and the band tells you the songs you've been writing suck... is there any better way to win them back than with a really shitty song about how all your songs have been really shitty?

Anyway, lest you think that this is a totally useless and stupid product, I would like to present you with Exhibit A, or, evidence that it is completely pointless for anyone else to even bother using Songsmith, because it has already reached its pinnacle.

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