Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thoughts on the Mets/Brewers Series

So as I sit here watching Jorge Sosa continue the suck-fest that Ollie Perez started, I thought I'd map out some of the thoughts that drifted into my head as I've watched the series.

-I am hoping someone will officially give Nelson Figuero the nickname "Chinless Wonder"

- Corey Hart.  Not as studly as his name would seem to imply.

- Jason Kendall.  Also not very easy on the eyes. 

-The Brewers bat their pitcher 8th, with Kendall - their catcher- batting 9th.  I have yet to hear this explained.  Here's my problem - the lower you have a guy in the order, the fewer at bats he's going to see over the course of a year.  So this means Brewer pitchers will bat more times than Jason Kendall.  From what I've seen thus far from Kendall, this makes zero sense.  

-Right now there is a child singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"  He is not singing it very well.

-D. Wright.  Still easy on the eyes(and a pimp!).
-Brewers old uniforms > Brewers new uniforms.

-Prince Fielder says he became a vegetarian in the off season, which has Brew Crew fans screaming for him to have a cheeseburger since he can't seem to hit a lick so far this season.  I'm guessing his vegetarianism doesn't exclude dairy, since he looks like he still really enjoys ice cream.

- 9 to 7 Brewers. RBI single by Damion Easley.  

- Brian Schneider is up.  I don't know what his problem is, exactly, but he dropped the ball or had a passed ball happen like, 8 times so far this game.  He's also incredibly vanilla.  I miss Paul Lo Duca.  Must be something magical about Dook's jersey number (16) because it's the number Pagan wears, and he's been kicking ass all season.  and obviously someone else pretty decent wore that number for the Metsies way back when...

-Schneider hits into a double play.  I think I might hate him.  He beat the throw, pretty obviously.  But still, take your goalie mask and get the hell out of my face.

-Guillermo Mota up in the Brewers bullpen. Oh please Oh God Oh Please let us face him.  I don't care what he did all 'roid'd up for us in '06.  He got caught and suspended and we rewarded him with a two year deal... He got off the juice and then proceeded to serve his 50 game ban, and then suck in large and dramatic fashion.

- Here comes Aaron Heilman.  Which Aaron will show up today? He's a weird looking guy.  I wonder what his voice sounds like.  I just pictured him talking like Micky Mouse.  I am fairly certain that is not the way he actually speaks.  I was going to link to a picture of him, but found a picture I have to put up, because it might be the best thing I've ever seen:

Can you guess which one is Heilman?

-I don't know where to go from there.  I have to go.


  1. This article somewhat explains the logic of batting Kendall ninth.

    it seems to be going alright so far. Tony LaRussa did the same thing for years with St. Louis. it just figures that Kendall goes ahead and leads the league in batting for the first week and a half though.

    Also, what's with booing Johan? You people boo everyone.

  2. ""You've gotta have a special player in order to do it," Yost said. "You've gotta have a high on-base guy that puts the ball in play and takes a lot of pitches."

    That 'guy' is Jason Kendall."

    So is Jason not really a guy or what's with the quotes.

    Also, re booing Santana. It kind of sucks hearing herd mentality idiots boo him for what was actually a good start. I guess the thing is that people are idiots, and because the New York media is so much more annoying than the rest of the country's, if Johan isn't perfect, he sucks. I mean, think about how much shit A-Rod gets if he goes 0 for 4 one game. People are fucking stupid. It drives me nuts.

  3. also the batting 9th thing i guess sort of makes sense, though the whole idea of batting orders has kind of been proven more or less not really that important, other than you want your better players up earlier since they'll obviously then be up more often. batting someone 8th versus 9th probably wont make as much a difference as i was implying... just weird to see since its so anti-convention.