Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Most Awesome Dare...Ever?

If I dared you to punch a camel in the face, would you? Because this guy would.

A man has been arrested for allegedly punching a camel on a dare at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Vallejo police say 24-year-old Christopher Allen was dared by a friend to enter a restricted area at the theme park where the camel was kept, and punch it.
He did, police say, and got arrested for his troubles.

Police say Allen was detained by park security, but soon escaped and ran from the park with his friends.

Police finally caught up with Allen and arrested him and the driver of his getaway car, Chrissy Thatcher.

I'm not sure the best part of this story. Man is dared to punch camel. Man accepts dare. Man punches camel. Man is arrested for punching camel. Man escapes from custody. It's all so good. How did he get caught, is the first question I have. No. The first question I have is: Is there a video of him punching a camel? Also, how did he escape police custody? Also, what exactly is the crime you get charged with when you punch a camel?

Mainly I wonder if he misheard Chrissy asking to be camel punched.

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